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November 2008 U.S. Search Engine Rankings

November 2008 U.S. Core Search Rankings
Google Sites led the U.S. core search market in November with 63.5 percent of the searches conducted, up 0.4 percentage points from October, followed by Yahoo! Sites (20.4 percent), Microsoft Sites (8.3 percent), Ask Network (4.0 percent), and AOL LLC (3.8 percent).

Americans conducted 12.3 billion searches at the core search engines, down 3 percent from October. Google Sites handled 7.8 billion core searches, followed by Yahoo! Sites with 2.5 billion and Microsoft Sites with 1 billion.

November U.S. Expanded Search Rankings
In the comScore November 2008 analysis of the top properties where search activity is observed, Google Sites led with 10.8 billion searches, flat versus October. Yahoo! Sites ranked second with 2.6 billion searches, followed by Microsoft Sites with 1.1 billion and AOL LLC with 725 million.

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