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Obama Bow & Google Hot Trends

Hot trends is great service, most of Search Engine optimizers used every day several times.
Google Trends which displays the top 100 hot searches of the past hour. It provides a 24-hour search volume graph as well as blog, news and web search results for the terms. Hot Trends has a history feature for those wishing to browse past hot searches. Hot Trends can be installed as an iGoogle Gadget. Hot Trends is also available as an hourly Atom web feed.

If you are a blogger or a writer, you are more than likely always looking to write about things that people will want to see.

The last few hours Google hot trends indicates the following Search Queries as: hot search query
Hotness: Medium, I expect the hotness to be Volcanic soon.

You will find that the buzz was about these keywords:
Obama bowing
Obama bow video
Obama Saudi Arabia
Obama bow Saudi
White house denies bow
Which I was trying to use here :), In the matter of fact it was really a strange bow!

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