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Susan Boyle & Google Hot Trends

I'm going to talk again about hot trends , I really likes that tool.
After checking the key phrase Obama bow , We are going now to Analyze Susan Boyle key phrase.
Here in this post we are going to track a couple of numbers about Susan Boyle.

Let’s first start with Google Hot Trends:

The whole world was searching for these key phrase :
susan boyle, susan boyle titanic, susan boyle my heart will go on, susan boyle recording, susan boyle america
The hotness degree: SPICY

Second : let’s check YouTube

On 17th of April: the estimated views for Boyle’s performance has already been seen more than 47 million times in all, taking into account all of the reproductions of the original.

Visible Measures
points out that this is more views than Tiny Fey as Sarah Palin, shoes getting thrown at President Bush, and Obama’s election night victory speech.
YouTube’s most popular video of all-time, sans Avril Lavigne, is Evolution of Dance, with more than 117 million views. At the pace the Boyle video is spreading, it certainly has a chance to eclipse that number.

Another interesting numbers:
Bush vs. Shoes has kicked up 33.2 million views. Tina Fey's spot-on impression of Sarah Palin, supported by Amy Poehler's unnerved Hillary Clinton, has raked in 34.2 million. President Obama's historic victory speech on election night has picked up 18.5 million.
The humble -- and previously unknown -- Susan Boyle, in less than one week, has trumped them all with more than 47.7 million views.
On 19th of April : As of 10pm ET Sunday, Visible Measures reports the following Susan Boyle stats:
– 650 total video placements found associated with Susan Boyle, including the original performance, interviews and fan responses.
–These clips have accumulated 93.2 million views, meaning that views nearly doubled this weekend
– On Saturday, 15.6 million views were counted
– On Sunday, a further 30 million views were logged
– Total comments approximately doubled since Friday to nearly 250,000.

At last Susan Boyle fan page on Facebook at 4 pm Cairo local time was having 1,180, 451 fans
Now it’s 9pm & the number is rising , it reached now 1,254,821 fans.


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