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Bing Twitter Search Goes Live

The official words are out coming from Microsoft’s President of Online Service Groups Qi Lu. The integrated Bing-Twitter search facility is also now out, well at least for U.S. users is reportedly now working.

Unfortunately It's not working here in Egypt , So I'm not able to try it myself , So I'm going to transform to you the experience of those who try it.

Arnold Zafra will explain in the coming few lines.
but first let me introduce to you Arnolad, Arnold Zafra is Search Corespondent : with background is in Web 2.0 and Search programming, and he writes daily on the announcements by Google,, Yahoo & MSN along with how these announcements effect web publishers.

Arnold says :It’s not really integrated into, but a subsite. Bing has access to all the Twitter public timeline. And that’s what user’s will be searching when they use the integrated Bing-Twitter search engine.

One promising feature of the search facility is its ability to display the most prominent links being shared on Twitter about your search topic. The so called “social caption” is also a cool feature as it gives you what people are saying about those links.

And yes there is also a Retweet button to share interesting Tweets that you find in search results.

Financial details of the deal is not yet disclose, if ever there is actually involved. The deal is non-exclusive so Twitter has the option to deal with Google should Bing’s Wave 2 not bring Twitter any good. They can always resort to Google’s Wave.

Source : SEJ


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