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Egyptian Bloggers Full Statistics - Part 1

This post & the following 2 posts will give us an average statistics about Blogging in Arabian World and will focus on Egypt Blogs ( No. of blogs, Types, Subjects, Authors …etc)
Part 1 will give us a short brief about No. of Arabian blogs, Main Blogs, No. of Egyptian blogs & types of blogs).

In First the interest in blogging was so limited at 2001, then it starts to expand year after year until it become the most important method for youth to express themselves without any boundaries.
It was very normal for bloggers to interact with events in Egypt & as well as Arab world, the Demonstrations in the streets turned to virtual Demonstrations online.
I won’t speak here about blogging statistics all over the world you can check Technorati .

I’ll give you a short brief about Blogs in the Arabian World.

1-Arabian blogs is less then Iranian blogs.
2-Arabian Internet users are 9.7 % from total Arabian population, which is 1/3 from Iranian Internet users.
3-You will find most bloggers Use: Maktoob, Jeeran, Blogspot, Wordpress, and Blogspirit.
The following table represents number of Egyptian blogs distrbuted on Major Blogging domains.

4-Egyptian Blogs represents 30.7% from Arabian blogs.
5-Avg. 160,000 Blog by 75 Blogging Domains till April 2008.
6-Arabian Blogs Including Egyptian Blogs represent (0.07%) from Global Blogosphere ( Avg. 490,000 Blog).
7-The numbers of Egyptian blogs aren’t clear due to lake of archiving & lake of directories.
8-Figure 1 will show you that Egyptian blogs distrusted among several Blogging Domains.

9-You will find that 96.3% of blogs focuses in 4 Major Blogging domains three of them are Arabian like Jeeran, Maktoob, Albawaba & the last is Google Blogspot.
10-The rest of blogs are 3.7 % distributed on 71 Blogging Domains.
11-Figure 2 will show you types of blogs.

Wait for the Second Part.


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