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Americans View 34 Percent More Online Videos

Americans View 34 Percent More Online Videos in November 2008 Compared to Year Ago.

Hulu Sustains Strong Online Viewership on the Heels of October Surge

Hulu Retains #6 Ranking
In November, Google Sites once again ranked as the top U.S. video property with nearly 5.1 billion videos viewed (representing a 40 percent share of all videos viewed), with accounting for more than 98 percent of all videos viewed at the property. Fox Interactive Media ranked second with 439 million videos (3.5 percent), followed by Viacom Digital with 325 million (2.6 percent) and Yahoo! Sites with 304 million (2.4 percent). On the heels of a surge in viewership in October, Hulu retained its #6 position with 227 million videos viewed (1.8 percent).

Google Sites Draws 98 Million Video Viewers in November
More than 146 million U.S. Internet users watched an average of 87 videos per viewer in November. Google Sites attracted 98 million online video viewers, or approximately two out of every three Internet users who watched video during the month. Fox Interactive ranked second with 58.1 million viewers, followed by Yahoo! Sites (40 million) and Microsoft Sites (35 million).

Other notable findings from November 2008 include:
* 77 percent of the total U.S. Internet audience viewed online video.
* The average online video viewer watched 273 minutes of video.
* 97 million viewers watched 5.1 billion videos on (52.3 videos per viewer).
* 52.5 million viewers watched 371 million videos on (7.1 videos per viewer).
* The duration of the average online video was 3.1 minutes.
* The duration of the average online video viewed at Hulu was 11.9 minutes, higher than any other video property in the top ten.

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