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Indirect Promotion, Black Hat SEO Tactics

While I was searching the ultimate source of SEJ I found this useful articles by Ann Smarty,
You should check Ann Smarty's articles because its’ full of a useful backlinks & also useful comments so you will find a full resourses for the thing she is disccusing.
This Article is about ; Black Hat SEO : Indirect Promotion

She talks about how black-hats take advantage of trusted domains to promote their websites. Here is a quick example: #4 for [viagra] in Google (!).

The technique is really easy to follow:
• comment at a relevant blogspot post;
• promote your comment page with hundreds of inlinks.
A deep page hosted at a trusted domain ensures that you are not put under radar; and you will promote it free of fear of being caught as a spammer. The ‘nofollowed’ link from a trusted domain won’t give you any ‘link juice’ but it will result in a flow of ‘indirect’ search traffic for a really competitive term.
• Make use of indirect promotion: grow the power of pages linking to your site - by doing this you will not only indirectly promote your site but also strengthen your positions. Besides, with this method you are free to experiment without the risk to lose your main website.
• Take advantage of free hosted services (especially the ones owned by Google). Create several supporting blogs and sites hosted on free trusted domains and servers to steadily grow your power.
Both the tactics have several important advantages:
• they are comparatively risk-free;
• you are able to control the link juice you own;
• they are mostly free (all you need is hard work);
• they are hard to catch.

I particuraly liked this comment on Ann Samrty’s article :
lol Ann stop giving away tricks ;) Although I am not a black hat (nor Grey) in my early stages of learning SEO I used this technique to help some friends push up their sites - Although I didnt go as far as to hack into an authority site to host the end content. Before the use of nofollow, this was an excellent way to get content out of supplemental indexes - funny thing was between my friends and I, we sat down and thought out the comments, made them relevant and useful. That in itself earned major bonus points where many of the blog owners added us to their blogroll, links which still exist and grow in value 2 years
For twitter users - I think the same skill can be used there - add links to a profile set up for a product or by keyword - with the link to site you want to push… With a site like twitter, it shouldn’t be too hard to push certain searches – for example try searching for some brand names that promote their twitter profiles – mashable for instance – their twitter profile page is on the top of serps for “mashable”.
At the same time a similar tactic can be used to increase the incident of non search traffic - just run more comments across a number of relevant blogs… infact quite a few adsense publishers use that tactic. And with the commentluv plugin being taken up quite quickly by bloggers on WP – you have the advantage of double promotion…

You can check the whole commenst on :


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