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Finally doodle in Egypt

Finally doodle in Egypt; I liked the idea immensely because those who will design the logo are the orphan children. We are supposed to vote for the best logo that represents Egypt. The winning logo will be displayed on Google Egypt on "the orphans' day" (the first Friday of every April).

This year it will be on the third of April.
There are competitions held all over the world for children to design a logo of Google. Google has organized this competition for the first time in Egypt and the Arabian world in accordance with the celebration of the orphans' day on the third of April. A group of orphans were invited to participate in this competition, this day is planned to be full of joy and entertainment for children. More than 160 orphans participated in last year's competition (20th of march).
Picking the winning logo last year went through two stages:

First stage:
25 designs were chosen from 160 designs in 20th of March. The board included professors of design from the German university in Cairo (GUC).
Choosing only 25 designs was a very difficult process. The following standards were considered in picking these designs:
- the artistic sense
- the artistic creation
- the link between the logo and Egypt

Second stage:
Currently there is a public vote for picking the best logo to be displayed on the 3rd of April – vote now! , Click here for photos of the event

Many organizations participated in that event, such as German University In Cairo (GUC), Resala charity organization and the Egyptian actor Khaled Abo-Elnaga.

This is the logo I chose:
My Doodle Egypt
Check the Facebook Group: It was created by Wael Ghonim (MENA Product & Marketing Manager at Google).

The idea of doodle began in the year 2000 when Larry Page and Sergey Brin asked Dennis Hwang to design a ceremonial logo in the honor of Bastille Day. Dennis Hwang said that his favorite logo was the one he designed for Magritte's birthday.
From that day on, Dennis Hwang started designing ceremonial logos for international ceremonies, in addition to festivals. He is such a famous designer and we all follow up his works and look out for his designs. He designs around 50 logos per year.

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